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With years of experience in industry and academia, pharmaceutics and health care, I can help in various fields.

Safety standards are a necessity. The question is, what are the appropriate levels? I like this approach to safety:

As much as necessary – as little as possible.

We need to be able to do our work. But we must be able to do it without jeopardising the health and safety of our colleagues, without compromising the environment, and while complying to legal regulations.

If you and your business need support, insight, training, or any other help with a project that touches on the legal requirements regarding health, safety and environmental protection – get in touch.

Since consulting is something I do with great enthusiasm, but next to a regular job, my resources are somewhat limited. Nonetheless: I’m always open to discussing a challenging task.

i have experience & knowledge

Companies I work/ed at

University of Basel / Infrastructure & Operations / Ressort Facilities
(Central Coordinator Occupational Safety and Health)
Departement of Biomedicine / University\University Hospital Basel
(Safety Officer/BSO/RSO/Laser Protection/
Chemicals Specialist/DRG-O)

(EHS Specialist for 2 Sites - 1 Lab - 1 Production)
University Hospital Basel
(Environmental Officer / Waste Management)
Novartis Pharma NIBR
(Head Lab & Office Support forbiggest research building)

Companies I consult/ed or gave trainings 

Kantonsspital Schwyz
(External BSO for Diagnostic Lab Environment)
LifeMine Therapeutics (Schweiz) GmbH
(Support in Biosafety / Wastemanagement / Occupational Health in order comply with legal requirements to start)
(Support in Biosafety / Wastemanagement / Occupational Health in order comply with legal requirements to start)
Departement of Biomedicine / University Hospital Basel
(Biosafety Lectures)
University Hospital Basel
(Practical Biosafety Training for Microbiology Lab and Biosafety & Radiation Protection Lectures for Infrastructure)
(Support of EHS Specialist for Basel-site)


Whats in my Backpack (Diplomas/Certifications/...)

Diploma of Advanced Studies UZH / UniL
Work & Health (DAS W&H) = Occupational Hygienist

Master of Advanced Studies FHNW in
Environmental Technology & Management (MAS-U)
with the Certificates:
CAS Environmental Law & Enforcement
CAS Industry & Environment
CAS Development & Environment
CAS Management & Environment

Occupational Safety Specialist EKAS (SAQ Certified)
Hazard identification and  Risk assessment at workplaces and in work processes
Safety audit technology

Biosafety Officer (BSO) for Biosafety Level 3
Waste Management in diagnostic and research laboratories, disinfection, sterilisation
Basic course in biosafety for biosafety officers

Dangerous Goods
DRG officer ADR/RID according to GGBV

Expertise for the delivery of dangerous substances & preparations

Radiation Protection
Radiation Protection Officer according Art 18.

Fire Protection
Safety Officer Fire Protection Swissi

Laser Safety
Laser Safety Officer for Technical Applications UVEX

Council member SBNet (Swiss Biosafety Network).

Member Ecology Committee VZK (association of Zurich hospitals) and H+ (Swiss national association of hospitals).

Member IGS (Interessengemeinschaft Strahlenschutz Basel).

Council Member of SICONPlus (Association for Safety in Health and Social Care Institutions)

Vice President of the Exams committee, Finals-Expert (Topic Ecology) and Subject lead (Topic property protection) for Safety Specialists H+

Working group on Revision of the BAFU enforcement guide Disposal of medical waste

In addition, I have served as: user-representative in a project converting a library into laboratories; user-representative for a new lab building; “translator” between end-users and planners on several projects of this kind.

looking for 

Support / Advice ?

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+4l 79 374 15 9O


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